Valid Email?

I wanted to email my gorgeous wife today to share an encouraging song that I heard on Pandora, “Get Back Up” by Toby Mac.  The problem is I could not remember her email address and it was not in my address book since I had not emailed her from this account before.  So I started googling and found a service that would check the emails for you, and I was eventually able to guess correctly.  I also found how to do it manually using some web/console magic. 


This interests me a great deal! It’s amazing what you can do with the command line that the average user does know about, many people working on computers for years and years don’t even know about them.  It is especially interesting since I once stumbled upon using telnet to access mail servers when I was in middle school, my first “hacking” was sending emails and putting random from addresses.  It’s comical to me now how cool I thought it was to “break” in to a mail server and send emails… ahh to be young again.


Anyway, check out this article:



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